Thursday, March 25, 2021

Chicken demand picking up

 Chicken Farmers of Canada believes the worst of the slump in chicken demand related to the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be over and is once again calling for production increases to begin late this summer.


The national allocation has been increased by 1.75 per cent over base for quota period A-170;  Chicken Farmers of Ontario will increase its allocation by 2.11 per cent.


“The dark clouds of the COVID-19 pandemic are now giving way to optimism that the worst is behind us,” Chicken Farmers said on its website today, hours before its annual meeting.


“This optimism is tempered somewhat by the looming threat of viral mutations, growing cases with variants of concern, and the uncertainty on the pace of vaccinations,” it said.
By late summer “it is expected that COVID-19 case counts will be contained, restrictions will ease in most places, and that the economy will be transitioning towards normalcy. The anticipated increase in out-of-home consumption and the transition towards normalcy should strengthen the demand for chicken," it said.