Friday, September 2, 2022

Ontario yields looking good

Corn and soybean yield prospects look good, according to a province-wide tour by Moe Agostino and Greg Stewart.

They estimate corn will yield an average 186.6 bushels an acre which would be the second-best on record. Last year set the record at 200 bushels an acre.

Soybeans were more prone to drought challenges and the outlook is for a yield of 50.3 bushels per acre, yet that’s the fourth-best on record.

The 2022 Great Ontario Yield Tour is hosted by Agostino is the company’s risk management chief commodity strategist. Steward works for Maizex seed company.

“It’s a good crop, but it’s nothing too exciting,” Stewart said of soybeans. 

Dry weather in late June and early August hurt beans more than corn.

“On June 10th, there was some who thought it would be a record corn crop—I said wow, this was going to be amazing considering the record we set last year, but across almost all of Ontario, the weather was hot and dry in July,” said Stewart.