Friday, September 2, 2022

Pivot Bio offers on-seed nitrogen-fixing product

Pivot Bio is offering on-seed nitrogen-producing bacteria for corn and spring wheat.

The technology boosted nitrogen by 14 per cent in plants, the company said of results from trials on 1.3 million acres.

“Our mission is to replace synthetic nitrogen with a better source of nitrogen for our growers,” said Keith O’Bryan, director of seed treatments for Pivot Bio. It’s Canadian operations are based in Regina.

The on-seed nitrogen is being marketed as Proven 40 On-Seed (OS) for corn and Return On-Seed for small grains.

“This has never been done before,” O’Bryan says. “It's so exciting because it brings together the combination of an innovative product formulation with a process for application of the microbe onto the seed very safely, yielding a consistent form of nitrogen for the customer.” 

“Having an on-seed nitrogen option is huge, because it opens the door for every grower out there,” adds Matt Kestel, Pivot Bio territory sales manager in northwest Iowa. 


For 2023, farmers can choose between two nitrogen application methods – in-furrow or on-seed.