Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gray’s lawyer seeks new gag order

Lawyer Allison Webster is seeking a new “sealing” order to keep crucial information in the egg-scandal case under wraps.

She has filed a motion asking the court to seal everything, including the new set of allegations filed by lawyer Donald Good who acts for Svante Lind ad his Best Choice Eggs business, accusing L.H. Gray and Son Ltd., Burnbrae Farms Ltd. and the Egg Farmers of Ontario marketing board with conspiracy and other illegal activities.

Webster says that if the public learns what’s in the files it will hurt the reputation of her client, L.H. Gray and Son Ltd.

She says the new set of allegations “gives rise to more complex issues, including the tort of conspiracy.

“In order to adequately defend the allegations made against it, LH Gray, as well as
the other named defendants, is forced to file confidential, commercially sensitive,
proprietary and privileged information.

“If this information does form part of the public record, the commercial interests of LH Gray will be seriously compromised,” Webster says.

She is no doubt mindful of recent indications that the Ontario Farm  Products Marketing Commission is asking Good to file documents that she is seeking to put under the sealing order.

The commission is asking Good and whistleblower Norman Bourdeau to convince it that there is grounds for the commission to open an inquiry.

Why the commission needs more convincing is beyond me. It looks more and more like the three monkeys - see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.