Thursday, December 13, 2012

yoPro sticks it to Loblaws

Burlington – Amanda House and Chris Delaney are sticking it to Loblaws for spurning their yoPro Treats line of yogourts.

In 2010 they launched a lawsuit seeking $20 million, claiming the company failed to distribute their product to its supermarkets and that it launched a knock-off product under its President’s Choice brand name.

The allegations remain to be proven in court, but the partners are having far more success this week as a result of a YouTube video launched Monday.

It went viral, and Loblaws has reacted by calling for a truce.

Galen Weston, no less, has put the court case on hold and has invited them to a meeting to settle the issue. Weston is, of course, owner of enough shares to control Loblaws.

Weston now says “the events described are deeply disturbing and do not in any way meet the high ethical standards aspired to by Loblaw Companies and outlined in its code of conduct.”