Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Meat Council comments on ersatz meats

The Canadian Meat Council has come out with its first statement on the growing media coverage of plant-based burgers and sausages.

It said the imitators will have a tough challenge matching the taste, texture and flavour of meats, notes that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency only allows meat trimmed from a carcass to be labeled meat and said the environmental benefits of plant-based imitators remains to be established.

“Today, we’re able to produce more meat using fewer animals, water, land and other resources than ever before,” the council said.

‘It’s a true industry success story that will continue to improve as the industry seeks to improve its environmental footprint.

“There have been many claims made about the environmental impact of plant-based products with little science to back those up, so it’s hard to make a true comparison. 

“It is unclear if the plant-based products will be able to maintain what they claim is a limited environmental impact as they work to scale up production,” the Canadian Meat Council said.