Monday, May 27, 2019

Wet weather here for the summer

As if it hasn’t already been far too rainy, now Canada’s chief meteorologist Chris Scott predicts it will be a rainy summer.

He said there will be some downpours in Southern Ontario, posing the risk of flooding, and the total rainfall will be greater than average.

“But we don’t want to convey that this is a washout of a summer — it does not look that way,” he added. “It just means that when it rains it pours.”

He said the wet spring will persist into the summer months, leading to a “heightened threat for flash flooding.”

Northern Ontario and Quebec will be cooler than average, but temperatures for the south will be normal, which will be a relief from last summer’s scorchers.

The Prairies will be hot and dry and British Columbia will be much warmer than average, he said and there will be more wildfires.