Monday, October 7, 2019

Liberals promise much for agriculture

The Liberals have a long list of promises for farmers in this election campaign.

They say they want to revamp AgriStability and other risk management programs, they will eliminate charges for Farm Credit Canada’s business mentorship and training programs and will boost FCC’s capital by $5 billion.

FCC would also be expanded to lend to food businesses and would take on the federal government’s export lending for agriculture and food, in effect gathering up a number of existing programs under FCC.

The agency  will get a new name – Farm and Food Development Canada – and “will serve as a single point of service to help all parts of Canada’s food economy develop, grow and export to new markets,” the Liberals said.

What they should be doing is selling the FCC.

They also promised to make it easier to pass farms down to the next generation. That just means it will become even more difficult for others to break into the farming business.

How long before farmers become like the landed gentry of centuries ago? Quota holders are already well on the way.