Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Carbon tax benefits for farming coming

The federal government plans to roll out new and improved incentives for farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A spokesperson with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) told the Western Producer that several new or expanded federal programs aimed at agricultural producers and land managers are expected to be developed or launched in 2021.

The federal programs include:

• The establishment of a $185 million Natural Climate Solutions for Agriculture Fund aimed at accelerating the adoption of carbon sequestering activities, such as the use of cover crops or shelterbelts.

• A seven-year, $165-million initiative aimed at helping the agriculture industry to develop and adopt transformative clean energy technologies.

• The establishment of a $1.5 billion Low-Carbon and Zero-Emissions Fuel Fund aimed at kick-starting domestic biofuel production capacity.

• The development of a $631 million program aimed at preserving or restoring sensitive wetland or grassland habitats.

These programs will come soon, but other programs involving the preservation of wetlands and habitat protection for endangered species will take longer because they involve negotiations with the provinces and territories.