Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Stressed? Chill out with new dairy products

New Zealand is launching a new line of dairy products which it says will reduce stress.

It said the complex lipids in whey are clinically proven to help manage the effects of stress, to allow consumers to stay focused and positive under stress.

“The launch of our Milk Phospholipids is an exciting moment for New Zealand Milk Producers and the dairy industry as a whole,” said Charlotte Ortiz, global marketing and communications manager for Fonterra which holds the country’s monopoly on dairy exports.

“By extending our portfolio into the mental wellness space, we’re helping food brands tap into new consumers’ needs, such as mood-enhancement and cognitive performance under stress — issues that have recently amplified due to the pandemic,,” she said.

 “We know this innovation will be a big hit for the market and our initial industry feedback has been very positive,” Ortiz said.

The company’s research team has developed several products containing milk phospholipids, including nutrition bars, ready-to-mix powders, and supplement sachets.”

It kind of makes me wonder what Canadians have gotten from millions of dollars invested in new dairy product research, most of it funded either directly through tax dollars or indirectly through the milk pricing formulas managed by milk marketing boards.