Friday, June 17, 2022

Alberta squeeze threatens Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

 A funding squeeze at Alberta Beef Producers threatens to spread to the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association because Alberta may not be able to meet its commitments to the national organization.

The problem is the offer of a rebate of $2 of the $4.50 fee collected on the sale of cattle.

Too many feedlots are filing for the refund and have drained about $3 million a year from the Alberta Beef Producers organization.

It has cut its operating budget, reduced staff and reduced funding for smaller organizations, dipped into its reserves and how may cut funding for the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association by as much as $1 million a year. It has been allocating 53 cents per head to the CCA.

The organization is trying to convince its 18,000 members to stop requesting refunds, according to a report in the Alberta Farmer Express.