Monday, June 6, 2022

Twenty Ontario flocks hit by avian influenza

The Feather Board Command Centre reports that there have been 20 commercial and six small flocks infected across the province. 


Seven flocks are from the four Ontario poultry marketing boards.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has reduced movement restrictions on 24 of the 25 infection control zones. Commercial placements can resume in 19 of those zones, provided they obtain CFIA permits.


A breakdown from the CFIA indicates that commercial ducks make up 16 per cent of infected flocks and 23 per cent of total birds.


Turkeys account for 12 per cent of the flocks and 11 per cent ot the birds, broiler chickens make up 10 per cent of flocks and 32 per cent of birds.


broiler breeders make up eight per cent of the infected flocks and 19 per cent of the total birds lost and layers make up four per cent of the flocks and seven per cent of the birds.


Mixed commercial operations account for seven per cent of both flocks and birds and others, such as game and exhibition flocks, account for4 the remainder.