Monday, June 20, 2022

Chicken company runs short of feed

 Foster Farms, a large chicken-production business in California, is running short of feed and so is asking the federal government to issue an emergency order to Union Pacific Railway to deliver corn from the mid-west.

An emergency order would force the railway to give priority to moving corn to Foster Farms.

Trains magazine reported that Foster Farms  has faced repeated service disruptions that left it short of feed to “the point has been reached when millions of chickens will be killed and other livestock will suffer because of UP’s service failures."

Specifically, Foster Farms’ facilities in Traver and Turlock, Calif. rely on a 100-car Union Pacific route that transports corn from the Midwest; Foster Farms then uses the corn for feed on its chicken and turkey farms.

Since February of this year, however, Union Pacific’s service failures have resulted in “numerous instances” of Foster Farms suspending production, and the processor has incurred “considerable costs” in seeking alternate transportation modes, Trains magazine reported.