Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Agriculture scientists muzzled

A new report says federal government scientists employed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are being muzzled.

The report rates federal government departments and these two, both reporting to Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, are among the most restrictive.

It certainly makes one wonder what they're trying to hide. Maybe it's simply that they don't want facts to interfere with their Harper ideologies.

Scientists are not allowed to simply answer reporters’ questions, but must first obtain permission from Ritz’s news-media managers.

They are also not allowed to offer opinions about their research results.

The study was done by the Fraser Institute in British Columbia and by Evidence for Democracy.

Both Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency were rated C- in the report.

There were some departments even worse, rating F, but there were also some rating much better.