Friday, October 31, 2014

Tenth anniversary for Faces of Farming calendars

The tenth anniversary edition of the Faces of Farming calendar is coming out soon.

Farming and Food Care is already taking orders online.

Among those featured in the edition for 2015 are:

       Two city girls who found their calling on Ontario egg and beef farms;
       Winners of Ontario’s 2014 Outstanding Young Farmer competition;
       Multi-generational fruit and vegetable farmers who were recognized for their environmentally-sustainable farming practices;
       A race car driver who grows broccoli on his family farm;
       Brothers who are active community volunteers as well as dairy farmers;
       A family growing edamame beans – a crop new to Ontario - on land that has been in their family for over a century.

Scanning the QR codes found on the bottom of each calendar page directs viewers to video interviews with each of the farmers and farm families.

Almost 4,000 politicians, grocery stores, butcher shops and media sources will be mailed copies of the calendar and the soon-to-be-released 2014 edition of the Real Dirt on Farming booklet in November.

Copies can be ordered by filling out the online order form at, or by calling 1(519) 837-1326.

A list of retailers selling the calendar is also posted on the Farm & Food Care website.

I have always been impressed by these calendars, and by Crystal Mackay, chief executive officer for Farming and Food Care. She produced the first calendar while she was with the Ontario Pork marketing board.