Thursday, October 2, 2014

Egg farmers pay to plug blog

Egg Farmers of Canada is paying S.J. Consulting to create an illusion that its internet site is popular with social media.

It's perhaps not surprising for an industry that creates an illusion that eggs packed in Grade A egg cartons in fact all meet Grade A standards.

S.J. Consulting is being paid to generate traffic on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

It’s a common practice among companies trying to generate buzz for their products.

Egg Farmers of Canada is trying to attact traffic to its blog which is running an “Egg Champion” contest.

It’s blog says:

“Each Egg Champion will create one blog post per month for the duration of four months. Each will either feature an egg recipe monthly, using quality photos and step by step instructions or promoting current initiatives as laid out by Egg Farmers of Canada.
“Each blog post shall include a giveaway.
“Each blogger will promote ongoing Egg Farmers of Canada initiatives and your blog posts weekly via FB/ Twitter/ Pinterest/Instagram.
You will also be required to promote scheduled Twitter Parties and promote via your social media platforms.
“Egg Champions shall display a sidebar Egg Champion image linking to

“Each blogger will be required to provide metrics each month.”

The bloggers who are selected are promised “competitive pay” and “each article will be available for Egg Farmers of Canada to highlight on their website or social properties, including links to Egg Champion’s recipe.”