Friday, October 31, 2014

CFIA seizes or trashes Ontario foods

A quarterly report indicates the Canadian Food Inspection Agency detained and in some cases destroyed everything from breads to hamburger as a result of inspections at Ontario plants.

The Healthy Butcher Inc. of Toronto had some of its breads detained on June 18.

Versacold Logistics Canada Inc. of London, Ont., had frozen chow mein detained on May 6.

Tropical Treets of Toronto had “various fruit beverages” detained on May 5.

Cargill Limited’s plant in Brampton had frozen beef patties detained because of E. coli contamination on May 1.

Conestoga Cold Storage of Kitchener had frozen beef trim detained because of “biologic hazard” on April 29, frozen turkey breast for the same reason on April 24, and has three instances of frozen beef trim on April 4, 10 and 14.

Burnbrae Farms of Lyn, Ont., had unpasteurized liquid whole eggs detained at its plant at Upton, Que., on June 12.