Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Runnels claims no conflict

I find it an amazing coincidence that William Runnels of Thornlea is getting $107.000 from Ontario taxpayers to set up dairy farming in northern Ontario.

The coincidence is that his uncle, Steve, also of Thornlea, is registered as a member of the Dairy Farmers of Ontario's government relations committee and is a registered lobbyist under registration number 816931 - 290685.

Steve Runnels claims he had nothing to do with this nice little windfall for his nephew.

"William Runnalls is my nephew and I do not have any involvement in his operation," he wrote in an e-mail to colleague Ian Cumming.

"I have never been involved in lobbying in regards to the Heritage fund  (which provided the $107,000 grant) at any level," he wrote. 

See why I find it an amazing coincidence?