Friday, October 31, 2014

Maple Lodge continues to be fined

Despite court cases and dozens of fines, Maple Lodge Farms Ltd. continues to violate chicken-transportation standards.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency hit Maple Lodge with three more fines totaling $23,400 in the second quarter of this year.

That brought the total to 50 fines and $314,600.

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. was fined $6,000 for one infraction during the second quarter, bringing its total to two fines and $12,000.

Aliments Breton Inc., which trucks pigs out of Ontario to its plant in Quebec, was fined 12 times during the quarter for $23,000, bringing its total to 15 fines and $82,000.

There were 23 fines under plant protection regulations in Atlantic Canada during the second quarter, three in Ontario and 19 in Western Canada.

Those fines totaled $372,000 during the second quarter, more than $200,000 from Atlantic Canada and $116,000 from the west.

In all, the federal government collected $547,800 in what it calls “administrative monetary penalties”.