Friday, July 2, 2021

Better Johne’s milk test developed

Pictor Limited of Aukland, New Zealand, says it has been developing a better Johne’s milk test in co-operation witIh Massey University.

The company intends to incorporate the improved test into a group of milk-analysis disease-detection tests.

“Dairy cows are at risk of a range of bovine diseases including Johne’s disease, which costs the industry up to $90 million annually in lost milk production and poor calving rates,” Pictor chief operating officer Howard Moore said.

Moore said while there is a range of individual tests on the market, routine testing is not yet the norm.

“The novel multiplex diagnostic technology will lower costs and bundle tests, thereby enabling more proactive and sustainable management of disease on-farm,” the company said.

“Current Johne’s tests only have a moderate sensitivity,” he said, but “Pictor’s bovine test will incorporate multiple anitgens to achieve a fast, cost-effective and highly sensitive Johne’s detection.”