Monday, December 11, 2017

African Swine Fever hits Russia

African Swine Fever continues to hit hog farms in Russia, with the most recent outbreak at a Mirtorg-owned facility in central Russia.

Miratorg is Russia’s largest pork producer.

Russia has been increasing pork production in recent years partly because it banned imports from Western nations in 2014 in response to their sanctions related to the takeover in Crimea.

African Swine Fever, which is highly contagious, has, however, been persistent and keeps Russia from exporting to Asian countries, including China.

The disease can be spread by wild boars, but also by traffic among barns. It is harmless to humans.

The outbreak was detected at a feeding station at Miratorg’s Ivitsa 2 pork production site in the Belgorod region, Miratorg said in a statement.

Belgorod is Russia’s largest pork producing region.

It has had several ASF outbreaks this year.