Tuesday, December 5, 2017

California hen welfare regulation challenged

Egg industry participants in 13 states have jointly filed a Supreme Court challenge to a California law requiring any eggs sold there to come from hens that have space to stretch out in their cages.

The 13 states say the law has cost consumers nationwide up to $350 million a year because of higher egg prices since it took effect in 2015.

The lawsuit argues that California's requirements violate the U.S. Constitution's interstate commerce clause and are pre-empted by federal law.

A federal appeals court panel rejected similar claims last year in a separate case brought by six states, ruling that they failed to show California's law would affect more than just individual farmers.

This lawsuit cites an economic analysis of the California law. It also asks the Supreme Court to take up the case directly instead of requiring that it first move through the lower courts.

It seems ridiculous to me that some politicians pay more attention to the welfare of hens than children.