Friday, December 1, 2017

Big fee increase for farm registration

The farm registration fee is going up by $30 to $225, plus HST, for next year.

The surprise move came in an announcement from Ontario Agriculture Minister Jeff Leal.

But today I got an e-mail from a media relations person in Leal's office who says Leal did not make the announcement. Hmmm. 

This is in the news release I got:

“OFA thanks Minister Leal for championing this regulation change to support Ontario’s general farm organizations,” says Keith Currie, OFA president.
There was no link to accreditations normally held after hearings by the OMAFRA Appeal Tribunal.

There were also no news releases from any of the general farm organizations indicating they were seeking an increase.

Those who benefit from the registration fees are the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario, the Ontario branch of the National Farmers Union and the Francoponie for French-language Ontario farmers.

Farmers must pay the registration fee to be eligible for benefits, including a provincial government break on property taxes.

After paying and designating the farm organization to which they want their fee directed, farmers may apply to that organization for a refund.