Thursday, December 14, 2017

Agriculture may revive in Zimbabwe

Agriculture could make a comeback in Zimbabwe now that Robert Mugabe has been ousted as president.

Under his watch, thousands of blacks began moving unto prosperous farms in 2000, staking ownership claims and destroying productivity.

Mugabe encouraged the occupations, saying the farms were evidence of continuing colonialism.
Zimbabwe’s white farmers had developed world-leading herds of cattle, high crop yields and excellent quality, but it all came undone during the mass seizures of their properties.

Now the new agriculture minister has declared the takeovers illegal and has ordered the settlers off the farms.

That sets the stage for the white farmers to resume ownership and management of their farms.

Agriculture was once the mainstay of the country’s economy which has since fallen into disarray. It’s currency is worthless and many transactions are done in U.S. dollars.

Perrance Shiri, a military hardliner who was head of the air force before being picked for the critical land and agriculture ministry this month, called for “unquestionable sanity on the farms,” the government-owned Herald newspaper reported.