Wednesday, December 13, 2017

FMC buys some DuPont pesticides

FMC Agricultural Solutions has bought some pesticides, a Canadian research farm and manufacturing facility and some technologies from DuPont Crop Protection.

"FMC now offers a complementary crop protection portfolio, deeper pipeline, greater regional reach, and a full-discovery research and development engine,” the company said in a news release from Guelph today.

"Combining the substantial resources and talent from DuPont with our own will enable FMC to provide new solutions that serve customers' needs better, deliver greater value, and accelerate the pace at which we bring products to market," said David Strilchuk, Country Manager, FMC Canada.

The purchase Solumax® soluble granules technology for broadleaf weed control in cereals. It is a dry product that works like a liquid.

FMC says they will complement its pre-emergent product line-up, which includes Authority®, Command® and Focus®.

The deal includes insecticides such as Coragen® and PrecisionPac® application innovation, an exclusive and proprietary custom herbicide blending system.