Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Canada approves GMO apple

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have approved production and marketing of a Fuji apple variety that has been genetically modified so it doesn’t brown when cut.

The United States granted approval earlier.

The Canadian officials say Arctic Fuji poses no greater risk to human health than apples already on the market.

The variety is controlled by Okanagan Specialty Fruit Inc. of Summerland, British Columbia.

The company said Health Canada decided that Arctic Fuji does not affect allergies and has the same nutritional values as other apples.

What a huge waste of time and money to prove an apple safe for consumption. 

And why, pray tell, did a Canadian innovation get approvals from the United States before Canada? 

Might it be more a matter of profits and politics than nutrition and safety? I suppose it would be helpful to know that the apples can be sold in the U.S. before launching in Canada, but why that's a government, rather than a company, decision is an interesting question.