Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Turkey defenders sue Cargill

Days after losing a lawsuit against Diestel Turkey Ranch of California, six organizations have sued Cargill claiming it makes “false and misleading claims” about its turkey production.

Cargill vigorously denied the allegations, saying it conducts its business in a legal, ethical and responsible manner” and “has worked with (USDA- the United States Department of Agriculture) to develop an audited process verified program for turkey production that exceeds all current governmental and industry standards.”

The lawsuit alleges that Cargill markets its turkeys as raised by family farmers, which the groups say is misleading because "in fact the turkeys used in the brands come from large, corporate-controlled factory farms." 

Other charges made in the complaint are related to what the organizations contend are disparities between Cargill's claims and what the complainants say are the realities about how the turkeys are raised and harvested.