Wednesday, April 28, 2021

CBS Bio Platforms unveils Bio-Catalyst technology

CBS Bio Platforms of Calgary is announcing the launch of Bio-Catalyst technology which is a suite of products to enhance diets for hogs, cattle, poultry and fish.

It enhances feed enzymes to make the most of rations. That reduces feed costs, extracts more nutrients from alternative or opportunity ingredients, protects health, reduces environmental impacts and minimizes antibiotic use, the company said.

“All advantages are amplified due to the dramatically increased precision, sophistication and synergy inherent to the new platform,” the company said.

“Bio-Catalyst technology represents the new future of feed enzymes –  offering greater power and versatility than has ever been possible with this category of feed technology,” said Dr. Anna Rogiewicz of the novel feed enzyme program at the University of Manitoba.

“The science underlying this technology leverages what we have learned over more than 37 years of research and development, tailored specifically to provide today’s farmers with the best tools for the success of their farms,” she said. 

What’s Your FSP Fingerprint? is an interactive tool available on the CBS Feed Science Platforms website that enables farmers to input information about their operation and obtain an analysis of the best unique combination of FSPs to improve results.

CBS iNSPect tool, also available on the same website, is another interactive option that dives deeper on utilizing Bio-Catalyst technology to maximize dietary utilization. It allows farmers to input information on the type of diet they are feeding and receive instant analysis on dietary non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) such as cellulose, arabinoxylan, beta-glucan, mannan, pectins and various other NSP components. 

The tool then allows farmers to select and compare the best Bio-Catalyst options to address the NSPs in order to boost efficiency, nutrition capture and a range of related benefits spanning animal performance, health and reduced environmental footprint. 

A base level is available for all users. Accessibility to a premium advanced version is available by contacting CBS.