Monday, April 26, 2021

Hilda sets lifetime milk record

Hilda has set a record of 200,627 litres of milk produced in her 16 years. She died before her record could be certified.

“It was pretty exciting for us,” said Andy Buttles, who owns Stone-Front Farm in Wisconsin. His wife, Lynn, said “it was something to kind of watch and get excited about.”

The record she broke stood for 18 years. The Buttles have a number of daughters that are milking well, so it may not be 18 more years before Hilda’s record is broken.

“It’s pretty hard to do, and it’s pretty tough, it’s kind of like the iron man record,”Buttles said.

He credited genetics and team management for helping Hilda break the record.

Stone-Front Farm has always been focused on genetics, merchandising offspring and selling embryos overseas and sold bulls to market seamen.

“Besides making milk it’s kind of the part that’s fun and exciting for us, we’re kind of passionate about it,” Buttles said.

“Nice to see her live on through her daughters and granddaughters and kind of a legacy she has left for us here,” Buttles said.