Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Hardeman launches second phase

Ontario Agriculture Minister Ernie Hardeman launched the second phase of the Agri-tech Innovation Program with $22 million for investments that will curb COVID-19.

It is a shared-cost program with the federal government. As examples, the government suggested robots to prune vineyards or optic scanners to sort fresh fruits and vegetables.

In this phase, the government said it is looking for “sector-specific, unique and innovative technologies in the workplace that enhance protection of workers against COVID-19, lead to increased business efficiencies and productivity, and help build the sector’s resilience.”

The province will cover 35 per cent of the project cost to a maximum of $100,000. This stream is designed for significant projects with a minimum value of $150,000. 

There will be a third phase for ideas and innovations that are new to North America. In this phase the projects will involve piloting or demonstrating the technology and will need to be a collaboration between at least two businesses/organizations.