Monday, May 17, 2021

Barry Senft to head Seeds Canada

Seeds Canada has hired Barry Senft, who recently left the top job at Grain Farmers of Ontario, as its first executive director.

He helped launch Grain Farmers of Ontario, formed from a merger of associations for corn, wheat and soybeans, so he has experience launching new agriculture orgsnizations.

“We look forward to welcoming Barry to our organization. His national experience in the grain sector, understanding of agriculture issues and extensive experience in strategic development and leadership will be an asset,” said Ellen Sparry, president of Seeds Canada.

“We are excited about Barry’s vision for Seeds Canada and the leadership he will bring as we continue to build a progressive, modern, competitive, growing seed sector in Canada.”

Senft has more 30 years experience in the private and public agri-business sectors, including executive director of the Canadian International Grains Institute, chief commissioner with the Canadian Grain Commission and second vice-president of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.

Seeds Canada is a merger of the Canadian Plant Technology Agency, the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada, the Canadian Seed Institute and the Canadian Seed Trade Association.

The Canadian Seed Growers Association decided to remain independent.