Monday, May 3, 2021

Soy oil taking over rubber market

Goodyear Tire company said it will phase out petroleum in all of its products by 2040, replacing it with soybean oil.

The United Soybean Board in the United States began to work with Goodyear in 2010 and said more tire manufacturers and other industries are switching to soybean oil.

Ed Lammers, a United Soybean Board member from Nebraska, said "there are many other industries we're in the biofuel ya know, surfactants, lubrications, surface sealants,asphalt, adhesives; I mean, the list is continually growing, and it's just great that industry is looking at something that sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable." 

Lammers said last year Goodyear increased its soybean oil demand by more than 70 per cent.