Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Beef packers seek federal help

The Canadian Meat Council is asking for federal government help, first to be able to get about 150 truckloads of beef across the border to the U.S. at Coutts, Alta., and secondly to get more temporary foreign workers.

COVID-19 vaccination protestors blocked the border at Coutts and the Canadian Meat Council said it needed to be opened, else packing plants would be reducing cattle purchases and slaughter.

The RCMP became involved Tuesday, a car was rammed and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney called a news conference to plead for calm. He blamed people associated with the truckers opposing mandatory vaccination.

As for more workers, the council said meat packers need a 30 per cent increase in temporary foreign workers.

They said the government has declared the beef industry an essential service, yet is not providing the industry with essential workers.