Thursday, February 3, 2022

What's to hide?

What is the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission trying to hide?

I ask because it has failed to respond to my phone calls and e-mails for a week.

My one request is why it is seeking intervenor status on appeals Sweda Farms Ltd. filed with the appeals tribunal. I think I know why the commission is hiding on that one: it's because the commission has supervisory responsibility for marketing boards and Sweda is raising what could be highly embarrassing questions about fees the egg board levies. 

But when the egg board and the commission are so negligent, what other option has Sweda than to seek redress via the tribunal?

The other question is whether the milk board has requested a price increase for fluid milk. No answer. Nor has the Dairy Farmers of Ontario answered that same question.

Yes, the Canadian Dairy Commission announced a price increase, but that was for industrial milk. The province has jurisdiction over fluid milk pricing.

The Dairy Commission pricing formula is based on its survey of production costs. The Ontario pricing formula considers a number of additional factors.

So, I say again, what has the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission trying to hide?