Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Cell-cultured milk competitor coming soon

An Israeli company has plans to soon begin distributing its cell-cultured product as a competitor to milk.

It has received a United States patent, opening the way for nation-wide distribution of its Wilk product in the United States. It was formerly called Biomilk.

It is cultured from mammary cells; the company makes both cow and human versions of milk.

Its backers include $2 million from Coca Cola.

The cultured dairy market is projected to reach $58 million by 2027, increasing at a growth rate of nearly five per cent. 

Wilk has two main competitors: Perfect Day and Those Vegan Cowboys.

“Our proprietary technology is based on more than 10 years of research, and with this patent, we can solidify our processes and continue down the path of making milk ingredients available to all in a completely sustainable manner,” said Nurit Argov-Argaman, co-founder and chief technical officer of Wilk.

I figure it won't take Wilk long to recognize that the Canadian market is easy pickings, given the high price umbrella supply management marketing boards hold for competitors to flourish.

That has already fuelled the expansion of goat milk, but Will is in an entirely different league.