Monday, February 14, 2022

Farm groups call for open borders

Eight of Canada's major farm and food organizations have called on governments to end the border blockades and restore the flow of goods and animals across the U.S. border.

Yet tractors continue to figure prominently in protesters blockades and demonstations at provincial capitals, including Queen’s Park in Toronto.

The farm organizations said the blockades are stopping transport of fruits, vegetables, meat, food packaging, feed supplies, livestock shipments, transport equipment and inputs for both agriculture and food processing.

"These blockades are impacting the livelihoods of Canadian farm families, the further businesses they are connected to and the timely supply and delivery of essential goods," said a news release issued by the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance, Canadian Cattlemen's Association, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Canadian Meat Council, Canadian Horticultural Council, Canadian Pork Council, Canadian Produce Marketing Council and the National Cattle Feeders' Association.