Tuesday, April 19, 2022

London company launches veganbacon

Whitecrest Mushrooms is partnering with MyForest Foods Co. to expanded production of a plant-based product called vegan bacon.

MyForest, previously known as AtLast Food Co., is an affiliate of Ecovative which has technical expertise with mycelium, which is the root portion of mushrooms.

Whitecrest produces portobello and crimini mushrooms and is owned by Murray and Chantelle Good.

Good said the partnership provides an opportunity to “allow us to sustainably supply the global food chain, objectively reduce Canadian carbon emissions and bring a revoluntionary new product to market.”

Cara Finn, director of economic development for Middlesex County, said “advancements like this continue to attract new innovation and investment to the region’s well-established and rapidly-growing agri-food sector.”

Vegan bacon? Whatever turns your crank.