Monday, May 23, 2016

D&S Mreat fined for worker injuries

 D&S Meat Products Ltd. has been fined a total of $103,125 for two separate injuries at its processing plant in Ajax.

The one injury happened May, 2014, when a worker shoved a piece of frozen meat into a grinder and his hand was pulled into the feedscrew.

The Ministry of Labour said there should have been a guard over the screw.

He underwent a partial amputation.

The other injury in July, 2015, happened when a worker was replacing a plug underneath a corkscrew conveyor while it was still operating. It should have been turned off or locked.

This worker also suffered amputations.

The company was fined a total of $82,500 for the three offences in Whitby provincial court. A 25 per cent victim surcharge increased the total to $103,125.