Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mercy for Animals strikes again

Mercy For Animals has struck again with an underground video, this time a poultry operation in Tennessee connected to Tyson Foods.

It says the video was shot recently at a farm near Lewisburg, but what’s posted online includes older video shot at other farms and a slaughterhouse over the past year.

Tyson said in a news-release response that those older situations have been addressed.

Mercy For Animals challenged Tyson to improve its animal welfare practices.

Tyson Foods said the company is investigating the video. In a statement provided to Meatingplace Magazine, the company said:

“It’s disturbing to us to see any sick or injured birds, which is why we have a track record of quickly addressing animal welfare concerns.

“Our veterinarians and animal health experts are looking into these claims, which re-use old videos about matters we’ve already investigated and taken action on. If our investigation into this farm uncovers anything wrong, we will immediately address it. 

“The health and well-being of the birds raised for us by independent farmers is extremely important, which is why we employ veterinarians and coordinate third-party animal well-being audits of the farms that supply us.”