Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sweda fails to lift stay vs. Mary Jean McFall

Lawyers for Sweda Farms have failed In their bid to persuade the crown attorney to lift the stay on perjury charges against Mary Jean McFall.

She is a lawyer and daughter of egg-industry baron Joe Hudson, owner of Burnbrae Farms Ltd.

She was interviewed in connection with a lawsuit Sweda filed against Burnbrae and one of the principals in the case claims she lied under oath.

There are also allegations that she failed to provide evidence she was required to divulge in a timely fashion.

The charges were stayed in court last year, meaning they cannot proceed.

Now that Sweda’s lawyers have failed to get the stay lifted, they might apply for a judicial review of Sweda’s case against Burnbrae and McFall.

McFall has since been appointed chief of staff for the federal agriculture minister, but then the Ethics Commissioner ruled that she can’t be involved in anything to do with Burnbrae, supply management for the egg industry or the Trans-Pacific Trade deal that’s under Liberal-government review.