Monday, June 17, 2019

Bibeau launches food policy

Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced Canada’s first National Food Policy Monday, but no copies were posted online.

Instead she issued a news release announcing half a dozen initiatives backed with $134.4 million for the next four years.

There’s $50 million for local food infrastructure, $15 million for a Northern isolated community initatives fund, $25 million for a Buy Canadian campaign, $26.3 million to reduce waste estimated to be 11 million tonnes worth $5 billion per year, $24.4 million to fight food fraud and mislabelling and establishment of a Food Policy Advisory Council.

Bibeau also said she wants a national school food program.

That ought to touch off a battle among commodities to be included in the largesse. If you thought Canada's Food Guide was controversial, just watch for this food fight!

The department of agriculture said it consulted more than 45,000 Canadians during 2017 and ran an on-line survey to gather opinions and advice about a national food policy.