Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Vodka regs relaxed

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has amended regulations for vodka production to allow it to be distilled from more than either potatoes and grain.

Among stock that will now be allowed are honey, apple or milk.
Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said it enables more innovation. 

The CFIA said on its website that it “gives consumers more choice and better aligns Canada with international standards, increasing innovation and competitiveness.

“To help consumers make informed choices, vodka . . . must be labelled accordingly using the statement ‘Produced from’. “

Vodka distilled from grain or potatoes will not need that label.

The CFIA said “Vodka will remain a neutral alcoholic beverage, meaning it is without distinctive character, aroma, or taste, but the revised standard allows distillers to achieve this outcome by using material or processes other than just charcoal. 

“The only filtration process permitted for vodka under the previous regulations was through charcoal.”