Tuesday, June 4, 2019

China slams Canadian meat imports

China has announced that it will open and inspect every Canadian shipment of meat and in some cases will inspect all of the meat in the shipment container.

It will be a significant impediment to meat exports.

China said it is instituting the measures because it found fault with some pork shipped by Olymel from its plant in Alberta and from a Quebec packer. Shipments from them have been suspended.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said at the time that the issue was outdated paperwork.

The Chinese also said they have concerns about African Swine Fever which has never been detected in Canadian hogs or pork, but has become a significant issue in China.

The Canadian Meat Council, which represents major processors, urged members to "increase significantly the surveillance and compliance with all requirements" for exports to China.

"We cannot stress enough that the slightest non-compliance could jeopardize our entire meat exports to China, which would have a disastrous effect on all CMC members," it said in a message to members.

The news was broken by Reuters News
Agency. No Canadian government officials said anything about this significant trade development before Reuters’ report.