Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Quebec company banned from China

Frigo Royal of Ste.-Hyacinthe, Que., has been banned from exporting pork to China after Chinese officials said they detected ractopamine residue in pork from the company.

Ractopamine is a growth promotant that is banned for pork production destined for a number of markets, including China and Europe.

China earlier halted pork imports from an Olymel plant in Alberta and from Drummond Export of Quebec because paperwork was not up to date.

China has also said it will be opening every container of Canadian pork for inspection and in some cases every package in the container.
That will be a major impediment to trade.

China has also banned Canadian canola from two of the largest suppliers and has held up imports of soybeans so long that traders have diverted Canadian soybeans to other markets.