Saturday, December 7, 2019

Chicken farmers garner goodwill

Ed  Benjamins, chairman of the Chicken Farmers of Ontario marketing board, garnered a boatload of goodwill when he was with CBC broadcaster Gill Deacon in Toronto recently to make a $10,000 donation.

It was part of the annual CBC Sounds of the Season fund-raising effort for the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Deacon praised the chicken farmers as Benjamins said  “chicken farmers are proud community members. We’re volunteers, coaches, community leaders, and we take a lot of pride in helping our neighbours and giving what we can, when we can."

This year, 500 farm families have donated enough chicken for 1.5 million meals.
The chicken board started its in 2015 and since then has donated enough chicken for four million meals.

A number of donations have been made to local food banks across thee province, each one accompanied by publicity and news media reports.

The milk and pork boards are among many other farm organizations that make donations to food banks, but the chicken board beats them all when it comes to making the public aware of farmers' generosity.