Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Survey finds farmers concerned

Farmers have recently become more pessimistic, according to a national survey for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business,

An index measuring attitudes recorded a one-month five-point drop to 51.1 because the agriculture sector has been hit by trade disputes ,difficult harvest conditions in many parts of the country and costly carbon taxes, the federation said.

The federation wrote to Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau calling for the following policies:

Federal carbon tax: Exemptions for farmers should be extended to include natural gas and propane used to dry grain and heat livestock facilities.

Trade and export: All federal, provincial and territorial governments need to focus on improving market access for Canadian agricultural products.

Regulation and paper burden: All levels of government need to continue to reduce the burden of red tape on farmers so they have more time to grow and expand their business.

Business Risk Management programs: Ensure programs are transparent, timely and predictable.

Intergenerational farm transfer: Make it easier for farmers and all small businesses to transfer or sell their business to a family member.