Saturday, December 21, 2019

James Morin loses his appeal

James Morin, 36, of Massey has lost his appeal tribunal case in which he sought an exemption from the provincial Farm Business Registration program.

He testified that his objections are based on religious beliefs that closely resemble those of his Mennonite neighbours, but also said he doesn’t like doing the paperwork involved in paying the registration fee every year, then filing for a return of the money from the farm organization of his choice: the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.

He also testified that he is not a member of the local Mennonite congregation, nor does he intend to become a Mennonite, although his daughter attends their school.

The tribunal acknowledged that he has a strong faith, but because he is not a Mennonite – they have been granted an exemption – or any other religious group that objects to the Farm Business Registration program, the tribunal said it thinks his real reason for seeking exemption is to avoid the paperwork.