Monday, December 7, 2015

Cow/milk sharing banned in New Zealand

New Zealand’s provincial government in New South Wales says it’s not legal to get around milk-sale restrictions by sharing ownership of cows to access raw milk.

That’s the nub of the situation in Ontario where Michael Schmidt milks cows that he claims are owned by people to whom he delivers raw milk.

His farm and his milk-delivery van have been subjected to another round of inspections, but so far no new charges have been laid in a battle of wits that has been ongoing for about a decade.

Schmidt and his clients think their raw milk is safe and healthier than pasteurized milk.

Public health officials think the risks associated with raw milk are too high.

In New Zealand, the issue of skirting the ban on selling raw milk has surfaced again after four children were poisoned by E. coli 0157:H7 bacteria in raw milk. One died.

Their families bought “bath milk” that’s labeled as not fit for consumption. That prompted New South Wales to ban “cosmetic” milk and order it taken off store shelves.

The state banned raw milk sales in 2003.

Niall Blair, the cabinet minister in charge of the issue, said raw milk is a high food safety risk – the sale of raw milk for human consumption is illegal in Australia and this kind of farcical deception won’t be tolerated.

“ It was apparent to the NSW (New South Wales) Food Authority that the sale of raw milk products at these premises was not for cosmetic reasons.”

So, are Ontario's politicians going to wait until a child dies before they declare that "this kind of farcical deception won't be tolerated"?