Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DeVries wins extension award

Dr. Trevor DeVries of the University of Guelph has won the 2016 Canadian Society of Animal Science (CSAS) Animal Industries Award in Extension and Public Service. Dr. DeVries received his award at the CSAS Awards Banquet in Salt Lake City on Friday.
The Canadian Pork Council was among the first to congratulate him. Chairman Rick Bergmann said “we are happy to support CSAS and its commitment to animal science. The Canadian pork sector recognizes the importance of research and animal science and its role in increasing the Canadian agriculture industry’s competitiveness. We congratulate Dr. DeVries on winning this award.”
Dr. DeVries is a Canada Research Chair in Dairy Cattle Behaviour and Welfare and an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Biosciences at the University of Guelph. His research over the years has focused on dairy cow feeding behaviour and ruminant nutrition.

He teaches and leads a research program focused on dairy cattle nutrition, management, behaviour and welfare.