Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mercy For Animals targets Gray Ridge Eggs

Mercy For Animals released video taken by an underground worker at a Gray Ridge Eggs farm near Listowel showing, among other abuses, caged hens tramping on a dead bird.

The agent says his main job was removing dead birds from cages.

"You'd see the dead rotting birds decomposed beyond recognition, just left in cages with hens still laying eggs that all go for human consumption, he said.

He will not release his identity because he intends to continue underground videotaping at farms that hire him.

The underground agent told Huffington Post that many of the hens would get their legs trapped in the sides of the cages, unable to reach food or water, and would be trampled by other hens. 
Mike Walsh, vice-president of marketing for Gray Ridge Egg Farms, said he can’t recognize any Gray Ridge farm from the 
He said battery cages are a common industry practice, but that no new ones were being built at Gray Ridge.

Mercy For Animals has been highly successful publicizing animal abuses via underground videos. It has hit Canadians several times, including Chilliwack Cattle Company of British Columbia, the largest dairy in Canada that uses a rotary milking parlour, and turkeys in barns near Bright that tend breeding birds for Hybrid Turkeys.

Until now, there has never been a case of the accused saying the videos were not shot at their facilities.